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Will the next Iowa coach please stand up?

Posted on: October 4, 2008 10:07 am
If embattled Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz cuts loose his Offensive Coordinator and gets somebody else in there, I say give him another year, but if he's too proud, loyal or dumb to do that, here's what I'm thinking.  There are 3 ways to go: get a guy with ties to the school, grab a hungry young guy coaching at a lower level, or grab a hot shot assistant from a successful program.

Ties to the school:  The alumni would love former QB Chuck Long, and you wouldn't recognize the offense after half a season.  You wonder if Dan McCarney would like another shot after getting run out of Ames a few years back.  Beware, however...his offensive scheme was pretty vanilla, even when it was the Seneca Wallace Show.  I'm not sure Mike Stoops would consider a move from Arizona anything other than a lateral.

Hungry young guy looking for a shot:  These guys are everywhere (MAC, I-AA, etc.), and I personally think if you want to hang onto a guy for 10 or 15 years, this is where you look.  But since there are so many, the next Jim Tressell doesn't necessarily stick out like a sore thumb so choose wisely.  Ship Holtz is a possibility, and Greg Schaino from Rutgers may have worn out his welcome there but is a quality coach.

Hot shot assistant:  A  good place to look is a program like Utah that has a history of coaching guys "up" and getting more out of less year in year out.  This is what Iowa fans originally liked with Ferentz years ago as he started to turn around a program with a bunch of guys who were basically ignored by big time programs.

My darkhorse:  Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech.  I would love to see the Big Ten try to defend the Triple Option.  Will never happen, but how fun would that be?

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